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Grand Tour 2017


Ft. Davis Texas by way of Phoenix-Tucson-Roswell-Carlsbad and many more!


Ft Davis Tour 2017

May 20 - 28

             Scenic loop at Ft Davis Texas                        

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Hotel Limpia, Fort Davis


 The anticipation is building the time has come, tires are new and oil is clean.  You have been packed since your last ride or maybe haven’t unpacked, either way, your good to go and life will not get in your way.

Word to the maybe’s:  Do not let this slot in time slip away, hold on to it, fight for it, as if it is your last. You deserve this. 

The route leading to Ft Davis reads as Mecca for motorcycle enthusiast with its serpentine roads and isolation that screams go fast but not be in a hurry. Want to know more come to the meet up.

We will discuss:

Tour preparation_ Wingman responsibilities_Hotel accommodations (again) _ Poi’s_route maps_Solutions to your reasons for not going.

Who-ADA & friends

What- Meet up



If your thinking about joining the tour this year let Jon or Doc know, there will be special meetings as we get closer to the date of departure and you don't want to miss any!


Hotel list - Please make your reservations early.


20 May - Tucson, AZ


100 So Freeway

Tucson, AZ 85745



21 May - Alpine, AZ

Sportsman's Lodge

42627 Hwy 180

Alpine, AZ 85920



22 May - Truth or Consequences, NM


2720 N Date St

Truth or Consequences, NM 87901

575-894-6665 800-535-5540


23 May - Carlsbad, NM

Econo Lodge

3706 National Parks Hwy

Carlsbad, NM 88220



24-25 May - Fort Davis, TX

Hotel Limpia

101 Memorial Square

Fort Davis, TX 79734



26 May - Lordsburg, NM

Econo Lodge

1408 S Main St

Lordsburg, NM 88045



27 May - Yuma, AZ

Best Western Yuma Mall

1450 Castel Dome Ave

Yuma, AZ 85365